Nasopharynx Tumor Symptom

What is nasopharynx tumor symptom?

Some people with nasopharynx tumor have no symptom at all. But it is important that report any of the following symptoms to doctor if they carry on for longer than 3 weeks. Usually the people who have nasopharynx tumor have a lump of mass in the neck and it may be lumps on both sides of the neck towards the back. The lumps are usually not tender or painful. This is caused by the tumor spreading to lymph nodes in the neck, causing them to become larger than normal. There are several symptom of nasopharynx tumor:

    • Ear Pain

Ear will pain due to lesions related to the external ear or radiating pain from middle and inner ear.

    • Bloody discharge from nose

People who frequently suffer from nosebleeds must consult your doctor immediately. This is because it is more likely nasopharynx tumor. At this point the patient is usually in a serious tumor.

    • Hearing Loss

For those who do not have early symptom it may do not know why their hearing suddenly loss.The hearing loss is one of the symptoms of tumors of the nasopharynx. If the size of the tumor is too large at the nasopharynx, it will bother the ear canal and the hearing ability will be reduce.

    • Headaches

Dizziness is a basic symptom of many diseases. However, it is included in the nasopharynx tumor symptoms. Patients will often feel dizzy and have trouble nosebleeds. If these symptoms occur, please consult a physician immediately for treatment. If it is not prevented early on feared would spread to the other.

    • Frequent ear infections

One of the symptoms of tumors of the nasopharynx is that if someone is regularly experiencing pain inner ear or infection in the ear. This is because the tumor cells begin to form and will make the initial attack at the other. If you experience these symptoms, please see a doctor to get certainty and advice.

    • Trouble opening the mouth

For those with tumors of the nasopharynx, they will have difficulty in opening the mouth. The nasopharynx near the mouth causes pain in the mouth. This is due to swelling that occurs in the nasopharynx will cause the veins in the mouth tense.



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